SeaBreeze Kayaks give their customers the assurance that they are purchasing a quality product for a competitive price. Being lightweight and stable with attractive and safe colours, these kayaks are suitable for all skill levels and ages, children supervised. SeaBreeze Kayaks are durable, stable and safe single seat kayaks which can be enjoyed during all seasons and climates, whether for recreation, adventure or fishing.

Best of all, they are made by us, in South East Queensland. 

The recreational and fishing kayaks that are manufactured by SeaBreeze Kayaks are: 

· 2.7m in length
· 18kg in weight
· 80cm at its widest point
· Perfect for both adults and children with a carrying capacity of 130kg
· Portable and easily fit on standard roof racks, in tray backs and common box trailers
· Made in your choice of colour combinations
· One piece hull made from UV stabilised poly-ethylene resin
· Made by Glen and Michelle at their unique roto-mould plant on the Cooloola Coast

 Kayaking in Australia has turned into a popular water sport, one that can be enjoyed by many age groups, both male and female and are perfect entry level kayaks for: 

· Recreational paddlers
· Novice and experienced fisherpersons
· Avid bird watchers
· Snorkelers
· Families wanting to get fit and healthy
· Geocachers

SeaBreeze Kayaks use a unique manufacturing process .  These kayaks are made from highly UV stabilised poly ethylene resin to ensure a long 15 year guarantee. You can even choose your own favourite colours! SeaBreeze Kayaks are located on the Cooloola Coast, Queensland. The vast surrounding areas offer an abundance of waterways perfect for relaxation or adventure.



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